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Michael M. DardenMichael Darden is a native ‘New Yorker’ who became a Georgia resident in 1985 graduating from Dunwoody High School in 1987.  Michael attended Auburn University until 1990.  Michael is married for the past 19 years to Renee’ Newman Darden and they have three sons.  The Dardens’ moved to Florida after they received the diagnosis of their younger 2 children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in search of ‘best practices’ that were being explored in South Florida for treatment of children diagnosed with Autism.  Michael served as the President of a start-up company that grew from $0 to $36M in sales and did a reverse merger to be a reporting OTCB Public company that was sold to Emerson Fittipaldi and Fittipaldi Worldwide Logistics in 2006.


Michael then served as Chief Operating Officer of TransMarkets – a private company that processed over $1.2B annually in prepaid debit transactions, and the company was transitioned to Transcard, Chattanooga TN.  Michael has previously managed the supply chain operations for Coca-Cola USA during the 1996 Summer Olympics and owned his own consulting company Darden Distribution and Warehouse Consulting Inc. since 1998.  Mr. Darden formed A Deeper View LLC in 2008 to focus multiple teacher instruction from  tracking of progress for children with special needs.


In 2008, Michael and Renee’ decided to focus their critical observation skills to determine which treatment approaches worked best for their children diagnosed with autism and it was not long before Michael realized they needed video to get a reliable picture of the events that took place.  Michael formed A Deeper View and licensed the ‘KIHd System technology and knowhow’ from George Mason University to commercialize a “one touch” recording and reporting system with a handheld mobile device.  Mr Darden wished to incorporate video and digital sensors with the KIHd System technology and licensed the IP from GMIP to complete the commercialization efforts for the KIHd System and make derivitive works incorporating video and sensor readings.


In 2011, Mr. Darden on behalf of A Deeper View solidified a relationship with Dartfish to become a Vertical Market Solutions Integrator in Exceptional Education, General Education (K-20), Corporate Education, Supply Chain “Lean concepts”, observable business processes, et al.


Dartfish software converts standard video captured from virtually any source, into a data rich library of videoed events for evaluation, assessment, and by marking the video with key positions, keywords, annotation, and descriptions added to any of the frames of video or ranges of frames of video, the collaboration and instructional and coaching attributes are unmatched.


Introducing this solution to Dr. Terry Loe – Director of the National Collegiate Sales Competition at Kennesaw State was a natural.  This video processing would allow him to work with his students on roll play sales scenarios, that they currently record, but did not organize for research, or proper indexing.  Now equipped with Dartfish and Dartfish.TV for KSU and NCSC, Dartfish is poised to become the standard in the Sales Role Play Educational resource space.


In 2012, Michael on behalf of A Deeper View, developed a relationship with Knowledge Development Centers – where corporate training is facilitated for many of the major companies around the country.  Mr Tuomi licensed the Glitch program from Georgia Tech and together the Glitch Kids have been retrained to Tag Video with Dartfish for easier user consumption.  The Tagging service is offered through KDC and our objective is to launch the Glitch After School Program with at least a pilot HS in each of the 176 School Districts in Georgia.


This tool is also perfect for Teacher evaluation and Professional Growth Planning for Staff and Administrators.

Please see http://www.dartfish.com/en/media-gallery/index.htm to view information about Dartfish and its vast history of service and quality to its worldwide customer base.


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