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ADV Tracking

Dissatisfied with Teaching to Standardized Tests? 



The ADV Tracking System changes Everything!


•    Sophisticated rubrics (e.g. Common Core) are easily personalized for each student
•    Teachers assess individual students at will – hourly, daily, weekly … whenever
•    Assessment are a button click on a PC, smartphone or tablet … whatever is handy
•    Assessments can be made during the bustle of normal classroom teaching
•    Detailed learning histories – by student, by class, by school, by …
•    Sophisticated student progress analysis … done automatically, ready instantly
•    Everyone can participate: teachers, aides, parents, consultants …
•    Adjust rubrics and targets at will – by teacher or parent … with full audit trail
•    Individual student data can be tracked across classes, teachers, activities, programs …


ADV Tracking System is REAL!


•    Based on decades of research at George Mason University
•    Field tested – to rave teacher reviews
•    Cloud-based and device agnostic
•    Designed for security to protect student privacy


ADV Tracking is cost-effective


•    Collect frequent simple measures and events in normal daily teaching
•    Data collection, analysis and reporting are done automatically … the gradebook writes itself
•    Analysis database supports continuous improvement in teaching and student learning
•    As low as $7.50/year per student