A Deeper View | Dartfish Features

Dartfish Features

The easiest way to understand Dartfish is to watch it in action. These short instructional videos from Dartfish.tv show how it has revolutionized athletics. You can imagine ways to use these capabilities in your field.


Tagging Video


Tagging is the method by which a human observer adds their insights, judgments and observations onto the video timeline. This is a core value-added function in Dartfish.


“Editing” and Publishing Video


Dartfish has few conventional video editing tools. That is because Dartfish believes that you shouldn’t have to slice, dice and rearrange video clips to create useful assemblies and finished videos. Slicing and dicing is tedious, error prone and wasteful. It quickly becomes confusing when you have folders full of video pieces and video assemblies that are sort of related, overlapping, and contain lots of redundant material. 

With Dartfish, when you want to assemble a new movie from pieces of previous videos,  you make a list of the tagged events and segments and Dartfish finds them (together with any annotations and analysis), assembles them, and publishes them (in the order you specify) as a single, seamless video … suitable for further analysis or display on the Web. Most importantly, Dartfish uses non-destructive editing. It pulls temporary copies of the segments from the original sources, but the sources remain intact.



Marking and Measuring from the Video


Dartfish has powerful tools to highlight action and to extract useful data and measures from video clips. With Dartfish, a 30sec video clip is not simply a recording of the action. It is a data mine for insights about the performance.



Comparing Videos and Actions in Videos


Dartfish has powerful tools to compare actions on different video clips. With these tools, video clips of events from different places and different times can be compared and analyzed more deeply than ever before.



Using External Statistics and Data with the Video


Dartfish tagging, markup and measurement can extract data from the video. However, Dartfish has equally strong tools to pull data from external sources and add it to the video.