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In 1997, after extensive research in image and video processing, SimulCam™ technology was created and developed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland.


After enthusiastic response from TV producers and sports viewers, five international business and IT specialists founded Dartfish to commercially develop SimulCam™ and other digital imaging applications. The company quickly became known for its innovative digital image enhancements in the sports broadcast world. SimulCam™ technology was followed in 2001 by StroMotion™


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Dartfish soon branched out into other growth areas such as interactive internet content enhancements and the development of cutting-edge sport training applications. Today, Dartfish technologies and know-how are widely recognized for exclusive televised broadcast footage and breakthrough training applications for sports, education, healthcare and more.


Dartfish employs more than 50 people with headquarters in Fribourg, Switzerland, and offices in Atlanta, USA, Sophia-Antipolis, France, Sydney, Australia, Tokyo, Japan, and Seoul, Korea


A Deeper View became a Solutions Integrator for Dartfish in 2011 and has integrated the Dartfish solution in Education, Manufacturing and Production as well as Sales Training and Distance learning. Let me show you how video will enhance your message.