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About Us

In September 2006, the concept of A Deeper View was formed by the company’s Founder and President, Michael J. Darden.   A Deeper View is a Florida LLC. that started ‘official’ operations in March 2008 after using video to evaluate the progress of the different types of approaches for treatment secured for the Darden Boys.  Michael and his wife Renee’ have three sons, two of whom are autistic.  Autism is a spectrum of neurological and developmental disorders affecting millions of children and adults worldwide. This spectrum affects each diagnosed individual differently and often, determining the most effective treatment is difficult, expensive, and very frustrating.


A Deeper View has taken on the challenge of developing a web-based application to support the complexity of collecting information from observable events and plotting them against past experiences to develop a schedule predictable results. The initial focus and designed use of the developed product is to assist in the treatment of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). In many of these children, the roadmap to follow for proactive treatment is often difficult to determine as traditional communication is typically lacking, and determining the effectiveness of different treatment approaches is very difficult to identify.


Initially ADV was motivated by the vast number of children diagnosed with ASD, but after 5 years of extensive therapy for Benjamin and Timothy, Michael began an intensive study to observe and document the behaviors of Benjamin and TJ by recording and evaluating the behaviors of their ‘free play’. After just days of data collection, the amount of information collected was staggering. During the initial evaluation of the information, Michael realized how difficult it would be for a teacher, therapist, researcher or parent to keep up with this and that it would not be feasible for them to do without some ‘smart tools’ to help collect and evaluate the data.


The next 3 months consisted of building a prototype system to collect information from the home: location, activities, stimulus, behaviors, intervening treatments, diets, interaction with others, and use of the computer. The data was aggregated and actionable trends jumped off the reports.


Items that caused overstimulation were removed, timelines for scheduled activities were implemented, and remarkable progress was achieved. It was noted that many times the adverse behaviors were caused by the lack of limiting activity. Setting limits and providing appropriate intervention can only be accomplished when the environment is conditioned to collect these patterns of behavior.


ADVs focus changed to that of how to equip parents, caregivers, researchers, and teachers with a tool needed to collect the information on each child so this evaluation could be completed by the people who want more than anything, the best for their child.


Using his past business experience, Michael developed a business plan and technical specifications for a technology solution to be created that would allow for data to be transitioned into actionable and measurable results.  In researching the components for the envisioned solution, Michael discovered a publication that mentioned the ‘KIHd System’ and Dr. Michael Behrmann’s work at George Mason University.


A Deeper View licensed the KIHd System and knowhow from George Mason University and has now expanded its efforts to include the distribution of the Dartfish Video Solution.

The combination of these technologies provides each user community to control their own curriculum and deliver their content to their audience and create a measurable progress monitoring of any event being observed.