A Deeper View | What we measure… Grows


Two tools … One goal

Michael Darden is devoted to the concept that human performance should be observed, recorded, measured, understood, and mastered. 

Not just tested … Understood.  

Michael has assembled two unique technologies to make that this observational intervention happen without a PhD.



Dartfish Video Solution


Dartfish is the Emmy Award winning software that athletes and coaches have used worldwide since 1999.  Athletes using Dartfish to understand and improve their performance have won over 1,000 Olympic medals.


Beyond athletics, Dartfish can improve almost any visible performance activity and Michael Darden is the ‘solutions integrator’ for the Dartfish Video Analysis platform in Education, Industry, Non-Profit Organizations, and starting in April 2015 Sports.






ADV Tracking System


 ADV’s Tracking System is a flexible, shareable tool that was designed to observe, track and measure fine-grained learning progress in Education or other dynamic environment.


The ADV Tracking System has it’s roots ‘in the cloud’ to serve everyone … in every industry. Now ADV can coach and improve visible progress for virtually any type of learning activity.


A Deeper View licensed the ‘KIHd System‘ from George Mason University to commercialize the work of Dr. Michael Behrmann and others at the Helen A. Kellar Institute for Human disAbilities (KIHd System).